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By enrolling in Grace Gate Bible School, you will be given the opportunity to become part of a faith-filled community. You will be surrounded by people who share your beliefs and who will give you support and guidance on your spiritual journey. This is an amazing chance to deepen your understanding of the Bible in an environment with people who have similar values. Attending Grace Gate Bible School will help you grow in both faith and biblical knowledge thanks to the instructions and companionship offered there.

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Exploring the Benefits of Bible School

Attending a Grace Gate Bible School can provide an opportunity to receive a comprehensive education in the Bible and its teachings. Students can learn the fundamentals of the Bible and its core themes, as well as study in-depth topics such as theology, apologetics, and spiritual formation. Additionally, students can benefit from engaging in meaningful conversations with peers and mentors, and receive guidance from experienced instructors. Furthermore, Grace Gate Bible School offers a variety of courses to suit individual needs and interests, including courses in biblical history, exegesis, and Christian ethics. Finally, the spiritual atmosphere of a Grace Gate Bible School can provide a supportive and encouraging environment for spiritual growth and development.

So Why Join The Bible School?

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It is Free!

We want to make sure that the Gospel is available to everybody!

It is Doable!

There is only one class per week, so it is easy to do with a busy schedule

It is Understandable!

This Bible School is for people that need a starting page in understanding the Bible

What Our Almuni Have To Say

“Grace Gate Bible school impacted me and my ministry by the biblical teachings and sound doctrines. Gracegate teaching also attracted fellow ministers to enroll for the next school year. My congregation become more interested in my teaching and preaching and there is growth in the church attendance.”

Elizer AElizer A

“l would say Grace Gate Bible School helped me understand the scriptures better, understand God's salvation plan for the chosen ones. And l also learned how to explain scriptures. Finally, l can gladly say that GGBS has changed the way l see and view human beings and the word of God.”

Faith NFaith N

"Grace Gate Bible School has been a transformative journey for me. The depth of knowledge, the supportive community, and the spiritual growth I've experienced have been unparalleled. Through its dedicated faculty and engaging curriculum, I've gained not only a profound understanding of the Bible but also a deeper connection with my faith. The school's emphasis on practical application has empowered me to live out the teachings of the Bible in my daily life, making me a better person and a more faithful believer. I'm truly grateful for the life-changing impact Grace Gate Bible School has had on my spiritual journey."

Mine SMine S

Grace Gate Bible School has impacted & improved my knowledge of the word. I have already planed to train our ministry workers before and after services on Sundays, using Grace Gate materials

Stanley IStanley I

"Grace Gate Bible School was so very unexpected. Once I realized Grace Gate was offering the program for free, I had no reason to not participate. My desire to know our Lord better started with the decision to commit to this class. I see how God has used this study to grow my faith and walk with Him. It has been impact after impact as we moved through each lesson. I see, hear and respond differently to the Word and life around me using what I learned, what God Himself is showing me.. *sigh, sweet tears of joy fill my eyes. This has turned out to be such a great joy and a humbling blessed opportunity which has set me on a course and desire for more. I cant wait until the next class. Deepest gratitude for all who stood with our Lord to make this possible."

Linda HarmsLinda Harms

"I’m very Thankful God and Ps. Jacq for this wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Gospel. I wasn’t disappointed. Theological School enhanced my gifts and equipped me for ministry. It inspired my passion for mission and enriched my understanding of the Bible and theology. It further ignited my love for Jesus."

Krishnen Kalvin JonathanKrishnen Kalvin Jonathan
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